Holistic consultations


The most beautiful thing is justice,

the best thing is health, but

the most pleasurable thing is obtaining what you have wished for.



As a healing practitioner and psychotherapist (HPG) I consider the person as a whole. With empathy and short but effective therapies, I want to connect the body – the soul – the spirit.

∞Life occurs in the present. The more I reinforce my today with self-determination, the happier I will be tomorrow.

∞All turmoils, also illnesses, are indicators that distinguish our potential to grow.

Elke Christine Leuchtges

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   ∞My diagnostic procedure and the Luscher colour test

The DIAGNOSIC-CROMATIC-LUSCHER measures like an x-ray in a precise and exacting way the diverse life situations and behaviours, for example the susceptibility to illness, communication skills and the achieving of goals, couple relationships, situations of personal conflict and how to resolve them. Even though the choice of colours is unconscious, it demonstrates the true nature of a person and not how they wish to be perceived by others and themselves, differently than what may be revealed in a questionnaire or a direct interview.

Prof. Max Lüscher

With classic homeothapy and the correct remedial selection I can assist the process of healing and change to the best of my ability.


zen regenbogen kieselsteine im wasser

Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

∞Would you simply like another perspective on your situation….

∞Would you like to achieve your objectives, activate your strengths and be able to fully utilize your abilities through reference experiences….

∞Would you like to have a quick power-coaching…


…if so, I will listen to you with pleasure, I will immerse myself momentarily in your world and I will accompany you on a part of your journey. You will learn to fully realize your values and fundamentally your “self-perception”:

∞ Satisfaction                  Lüscher blue

∞ Self respect                   Lüscher green

∞ Self belief                      Lüscher red

∞ Inner freedom              Lüscher yellow

Puzzle cube

Children lachende Kinderhände in regenbogenfarben

What would the sun be without its warmth, what would the night be without the stars, what would  music be without the melodies, what would the world be without the children.

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you…

Khalil Gibran

…our only task is to show them independence and responsibility. Giving them at the same time both wings and roots.

It gives enormous pleasure to realize that:

  • ∞ a fun exercise can encourage concentration and ability increases with ease
  • ∞ sport reinforces character
  • ∞ life skills equate happiness
  • ∞ tolerance gives security

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